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New Year's Eve Time Travel

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

The Swan Hotel New Year's Eve Menu 1966 coverAs we're all about to leave 2013 behind us, how about being transported back in time to New Year's Eve at The Swan Hotel in 1966. Colin Vingoe kindly gave The Swan Hotel team a menu he found from 1966. Consommé Turtle, anyone? Thankfully, this hasn't been on the menu for some time… You'll also find 'Coupe Venus', a dessert invented by the illustrious French Chef Auguste Escoffier, which is a delicate arrangement of peaches and vanilla ice cream decorated with strawberry 'nipples'. Crikey. Here's to 2014! New Year's Eve at The Swan Hotel menu from 1966 (For a closer look at the menu, click on the image).  


Sarah Groves