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Pink is the new Green

By Benedict Orchard, also posted in News on

So green yet so very pink!

Our new electrically powered van is now in service at our Southwold store. The latest vehicle in our fleet is a fully electric-powered Nissan e-NV200, which we recharge from our mains supply electricity. It is a ‘zero emissions vehicle’ meaning it has no tailpipe emissions during its use and therefore emits no CO2 or air quality pollutants (which cause smog and can also lead to asthma) when it is operating. With electric vehicles, it's important to be aware of where the electricity is coming from; in other words, that the emissions aren’t just being shifted from the filling station to the power station.

The electricity we purchase at Adnams is 91% from renewable energy sources, meaning that this van is much more environmentally-friendly than a diesel van. Over its lifetime it will emit 33 tonnes CO2 equivalent less than a diesel van. The new van is hopefully the first of many. The limiting factor is the range of the vehicle, which varies with temperature and load, but many of our shops should be able to use an electric van very successfully. Where they can’t, we are adding an ancillary control unit to diesel vans in order to improve their efficiency and emissions. As well as buying the new van, we’ve been rolling out a set of electric vehicle charging points too. The Swan in SouthwoldThe Plough in WangfordThe Ship in Levington and The White Horse in Blakeney all now have charging points - please call ahead to ensure it's available upon your arrival. We hope to extend this network even further in due course. In addition to carefully considering the environmental impacts of our operations, we hope that some of our projects are thought-provoking and influential to others. We deliberately painted our new electric van pink to catch the eye of the passer-by and create conversation around alternative fuels, which we hope may encourage other people and businesses to think about their impacts too. Our new van is operating from our Southwold store now. Keep your eyes peeled!    


Benedict Orchard