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Righteous Ale - January's collaboration beer with Wetherspoon

By Belinda Jennings, also posted in News on

Sixpoint Righteous AleSixpoint Righteous Ale is now available at J D Wetherspoon outlets. Being a fan of the malty, stronger American beers, my eyes lit up when the brewsheet was placed on my desk! This is another cracker of a brew between ourselves and Brooklyn, NYC, brewery Sixpoint.  On this occasion Jan (Brewmaster from Sixpoint) and Shane (Brewer and Sixpoint co-founder) came over with their recipe to Southwold to brew this truly Righteous Ale at 6.3% with the Adnams brewing team exclusively for Wetherspoon outlets. I don’t think I have seen so many malts on the brewsheet - Chocolate rye, Rye crystal, Rye ale, Cara red, Maris otter, Vienna -  to name just a few, which gives this beer its full earthy character. It's balanced with an IBU (International Bitterness Unit) of 60 and a herby, citrus dry hop character from the Columbus, Cascade and Chinook American hops. As Sixpoint quote, it's most definitely Truly Righteous! I’ll be sure to check this one out in my local Wetherspoon pub, or maybe hang out in the Adnams sample room doing quality checks a little longer than normal.


Belinda Jennings