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Rob Chase on the 2011 vintage at Domaine Leflaive, Burgundy

By Rob Chase, also posted in News on

Rob ChaseVintage 2011 seems like an eon ago now, and we are all in wonderment at the paucity of the 2012 vintage and how on earth there will be enough to go around, and will we be able to afford them? But that’s for another day, as it is the 2011 vintage, and in particular, that from Anne-Claude Leflaive, that has got my gastric juices flowing. It’s a good vintage; very good in fact. It was the earliest ever harvest recorded at the Domaine. I know we talk of extended ‘hang-time’ for grapes on the vines, and how this can enhance varieties like Riesling, but other than Jean Thévenet at Domaine de la Bongran in the Mâcon, over-ripe Chardonnay doesn’t appeal. Such an early harvest at Leflaive (25th – 31st August) is an indication that the fruit was physiologically ready – with the right amount of sugar and appropriate levels of acidity. Bingo! No need to hang around. Surely a sign of absolute confidence in your vines, pickers and winemaker. Therefore, let us not concern ourselves with the short-supply that will certainly be the talking point this time next year when we offer the 2012s – profitez-en,  as they say, and make the most of these scintillating 2011s with their floral persistence, charm and tenderness. You can buy Anne-Claude Leflaive's 2011 wines 'en-primeur' here, and read more about Rob Chase's current 'en-primeur' offers.  


Rob Chase