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Seasonal Cellar Tasting Notes - December 2013

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Give the gift of an adventure in wine this Christmas with a Seasonal Cellar Club Subscription.

Every quarter our Senior Wine Buyer Alastair Marshall selects 12 wines perfect for the season. Some will be familiar grape varieties from well-know wine regions, whilst others will be exciting new arrivals from unexpected places such as Romania, Mexico or Brazil.  All the cases contain Alastair's tasting notes and there's room to add your own comments too. Our Wine Club is very flexible. You can have all Red wines, all White wines or an equal mix of both. Prices start from £89 a quarter and there is no minimum contract length. To join yourself or a friend or family member to our Wine Club sign up online by clicking here. Alternatively call Dana or Judy on 01502 727222 ( Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm). Here's Alastair Marshall's explanation of his choices for the December 2013 Seasonal Cellar Cases. You can download the tasting notes at the bottom of the page. "The harvest news from many of the traditional regions has not been good. Frosts, hail and a patchy growing season have afflicted the classic regions of Europe, and Chile has been devastated by one of the nastiest frosts in living memory. The usual response by any farmer to this sort of problem is to sell what he does have for a higher price. This is not going to be so easy for some regions who are already ‘pushing the envelope’ as far as prices are concerned and, as ever, there is always some pretender waiting in the wings for their chance to grab a slice of your wine expenditure. You have, over the past year, seen an increase in the inclusion of wines from Eastern Europe in your quarterly case and this quarter is no exception. With two excellent harvests under their belts and a quantum jump in the quality of wine production, it may well be that we will be drinking these wines on a more regular basis. If the thought of the return of ‘Bull’s Blood’ sends shivers down your spine –  too late! There is a top-of-the-range bottle in December’s £180 Seasonal Case! Paying particular attention to the season, warm reds and flavoursome whites are the order of the day. Claret, of course, features because it is almost obligatory as a partner to winter dishes. You will find in your box a few extra bits and pieces on Bordeaux which we thought would be of interest, including some Jamie Oliver recipe cards. I tried his cauliflower cheese (and very delicious it was too), and a good match for a bottle of Bordeaux Rouge, but with the drawback of adding several pounds in weight, disproportional to the size of the dish. We hope that you have a joyous and peaceful Christmas and New Year and that you never run into a boring glass of wine." Alastair Marshall     Alastair Marshall Senior Wine Buyer £89 Seasonal Cellar Notes (PDF, 1.4MB) £135 Seasonal Cellar Notes (PDF, 1.6MB) £180 Seasonal Cellar Notes (PDF, 1.4MB)