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Seasonal Cellar Tasting Notes - June 2013

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

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Find out more and sign up here. Every case contains wines carefully selected from around the world and are accompanied by detailed tasting notes prepared by our Wine Buyer, Alastair Marshall. As an added bonus you'll receive 10% off purchases in-store and online whilst you are a member. Here's Alastair's notes on his wine selections for the June Seasonal Cellar. "I recently made the trek from Suffolk to London to attend the ‘Emerging Nations’ tasting. This was a ‘trade’ event billed as the showcase of wines from unheard of corners of the world. In a grand venue just off Trafalgar Square, the British wine trade had turned out in force and was busily slurping and spitting its way through hundreds of samples. I was encouraged to see this eager turnout, as it confirmed my belief that we are an adventurous wine drinking nation eager to find ‘the next thing’. The wines themselves were a bit of a mixed bag, and I tasted from Cyprus (uninspired), Turkey (lots of potential) Uruguay (modest), India (challenging), Japan (interesting but overpriced), Malta (avoid), Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia, Moldova, Slovenia, Croatia and several more besides. At the end of the day, I suddenly realised how lucky we are, not for all this new bounty that might, one day, be commonplace on our dinning tables, but for what we already have. The amazing ‘horn of plenty’ that is France, Iberia and Italy sits on our doorstep, and provide us with such an amazing diversity of quality and price that we are, in effect, already very spoiled !   When I look at what is in your box this month, not surprisingly, France dominates the selection. This does not mean, however, that we are looking at the same old wines over and over again, but at a dynamic European wine industry that is re-inventing itself constantly. Sometimes this goes to extremes and if you have the £135 case then you have a white wine made from a grape so new that it has no name! As ever we have aimed the wines at the season and made the foolish assumption that at least some sunshine will grace our British summer, and therefore lighter reds and fresh whites are the order of the day. Our fingers are crossed that we will be lucky." [caption id="attachment_3742" align="alignleft" width="100"]Alastair Marshall Alastair Marshall[/caption]       Here's the tasting notes for the June 2013 Seasonal Cellar cases: £89 Seasonal Cellar Notes - June 2013 (PDF, 102kB) £135 Seasonal Cellar Notes - June 2013 (PDF, 156kB) £180 Seasonal Cellar Notes - June 2013 (PDF, 102kB)