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Seasonal Cellar Tasting notes - March 2014

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Want to broaden your horizons and discover new things? Then why not join our little wine club – The Adnams Seasonal Cellar. Each quarter Adnams’ Senior Wine Buyer, Alastair Marshall, hand-picks 12 bottles of wine, often undiscovered gems, which are then delivered free to your home.

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As an added bonus, during the lifetime of your membership you’ll receive 10% off any other purchases made online, in our Cellar & Kitchen Stores or via mail order when you call 01502 727222. And this offer has now been extended to include 10% off stays at our Adnams Hotels!* *Not available in addition or in conjunction with any other discount or promotion, including staff or shareholder discounts. Choose the case price that matches your budget and the mix that suits your taste (you can change this at any time once you are a member). If you want a wine adventure, then sign up now. If you’re already a subscriber, here is the introduction for March’s Seasonal Cellar Club cases, courtesy of Senior Wine Buyer Alastair Marshall. Underneath you can download his tasting notes for the red and white wines included in the three different price brackets available. "Brazil is the Amazon; and it’s Rio, carnival, samba, favela and football, or so my limited experience tells me. Now, however, it is wine as well. Although I did not leap on a plane and scour the land for new discoveries, I have tasted extensively those wines on offer, and found a few for you to contemplate. Did you know that Brazil has such a temperate climate that they actually have two grape harvests in any one year?  It does rather call into question our rather European concept of vintage.  Alastair Marshall There will be many new wines such as these in the coming year, and I am yet to decide what will be included, although I can predict that the classic regions of France will take more of a back seat in 2014. This is not because I have fallen out of love with Bordeaux or Burgundy, but agriculturally 2011 and 2012 were not great years; production volumes have dropped, quality is modest and world demand from emerging markets will continue to grow as will prices. Spain and Italy are looking good, also Eastern Europe has had a run of good vintages. There is an emerging raft of interesting small domains coming out of Australia; Chile and Argentina are experimenting with blends whilst South Africa is developing exciting new regions too. New Zealand sails majestically ever onwards and delivers top quality wines - although there are signs that according to them we should all be drinking sparkling Sauvignon. We shall see!"       £89 Seasonal Cellar Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.6MB) £135 Seasonal Cellar Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.6MB) £180 Seasonal Cellar Tasting Notes (PDF, 1.7MB)