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Seasonal Cellar Tasting notes - September 2012

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Want to expand your knowledge of wine? Why not join our little wine club – The Adnams Seasonal Cellar! Each quarter our Senior Wine Buyer, Alastair Marshall, hand-picks 12 great bottles of wine, often hidden gems, which are then delivered free to your home.   Sign up now and receive £30 off your first case which will arrive in December. As an added bonus you’ll receive 10% off any other online purchases whilst you are a member. Choose the case price that matches your budget and the mix that suits your taste (you can change this at any time once you are a member). If you're already a subscriber, here is the introduction for September 2012′s Seasonal Cellar Club cases, courtesy of Senior Wine Buyer Alastair Marshall. Underneath you can download his tasting notes for the red and white wines included in the three different price brackets available. Alastair Marshall"This season’s mix of wines is as varied as ever and we hope you enjoy them all. However, recent conversations with several ‘Seasonalistas’ tell me of a very positive reaction to 50% of the wines that you get in your box and an OK response to the remainder. I was despondent to think that everybody did not love 100% of everything offered, until the next comment which tended to be ‘I would never have bought that, but I’m glad that I’ve tried it. This is, of course, precisely the point of the Seasonal Cellar, in that we take you to places that you would not normally go. Looking briefly at this quarter’s offering, Hungary and Bulgaria feature in both red and white in the £89 case, and with visits planned to more countries in that region, you can all expect more from Eastern Europe. Wines from Washington State and Patagonia are exciting newcomers for all ‘£135ers’, with a fascinating, marginally off-the-wall sparkling red Burgundy for the ‘£180ers’. All is by no means challenge and novelty, as the classics are still firmly there, with everyone getting a taste of Rioja - which is driven by a personal passion for the wines of this region. As ever, your comments would be much appreciated, and please don’t forget that you get 10% off any wines re-ordered." £89 Tasting notes September 2012 (PDF, 108kb) £135 Tasting notes September 2012 (PDF, 107kb) £180 Tasting notes September 2012 (PDF, 107kb)