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Spirit of Broadside - coming soon!

By Emma Hibbert, also posted in News on

Spirit of BroadsideSpirit of Broadside is a unique ‘eau de vie’ distilled from our famous Broadside beer at Adnams Copper House Distillery in Southwold. The spirit will be released in May and is timed to coincide with the 340th anniversary of the Battle of Sole Bay on 28 May 1672 which marked the opening of the third Anglo-Dutch War. We first brewed our Broadside Beer 40 years ago to commemorate the tercentenary of the Battle of Sole Bay which took place just off the coast of Southwold - a bloody naval encounter in which both sides claimed victory. Adnams Broadside beer proved so popular that the brewers had to quickly make more, and it has gone on to become a favourite for many and is now sold throughout the UK and overseas. Chairman Jonathan Adnams explains, “After opening the Copper House Distillery in November 2010 we began producing our award-winning gins and vodkas for immediate release. At the same time we produced whisky spirit, which is maturing well in casks and will be released for sale in 2013. It was not long before we realised that we had the perfect beer in our bottled Broadside at 6.3% abv to distil into an 'eau de vie de biere' (sometimes known as bierbrand)*. “Spirit of Broadside is distilled in a similar manner to our whisky spirit and is then transferred into heavily toasted Russian oak casks for maturation in the brewery cellar. It has been in the casks for 12 months and we believe it is a remarkable spirit that we hope people will enjoy.” Adnams’ Distiller John McCarthy adds, “Spirit of Broadside is a rich and complex amber spirit packed full of wonderful fruit and spice aromas. The final spirit has whisky aromas and notes but what makes it so distinctive is the hop flavours that come through from brewing and fermenting the beer.” Spirit of Broadside is 43% abv and will be available from 14th May in 50 and 70cl bottles priced £27.99 and £31.99 at Adnams Cellar & Kitchen stores and   *A little bit about eau de vie de biere: Bierbrand or Eau de vie de bière is defined as “a spirit drink that is obtained exclusively by direct distillation of fresh beer with an alcoholic strength by volume of less than 86% such that the distillate obtained has organoleptic characteristics resulting from the beer”, and it is “with a minimum alcoholic strength by volume of 38%, for supply for human consumption in the Community”. Most of the bierbrand is consumed in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. It is produced typically by smaller breweries and monasteries. However, the beer used as raw material is seldom, if ever, made especially for the purpose of producing bierbrand. Instead, regular beer is bought from a brewery and distilled by the spirit producing company, or a brewery or monastery distils its own beer to make bierbrand.


Emma Hibbert