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Tell us what you’ll be drinking this Christmas and win a Gift from Adnams!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Master Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald, Head Distiller John McCarthy and Fine Wine Manager Rob Chase, have got their Christmas drinks all sorted. Are you that organised? Let us know what you’ll be drinking by using the comments box below before Friday 12th December 2014. If you're lucky enough to win, we'll send you a Christmas Gift containing 12 bottles of Tally Ho-Ho-Ho, a bottle of our award-winning Longshore Vodka and a bottle of Adnams Selection Albariño. **Thank you for all your comments! This competition is now closed and the winner will be announced shortly** The lucky winner will be notified by email on Monday 15th December so that we can post the prize in time for the big day. Click here for Terms and Conditions. Fergus in Christmas hatFergus: What am I drinking this Christmas? I’m very particular about what I drink, long gone are the days when any drink would do. The long night of the Crème de Menthe is but a very distant (almost) memory. I learnt long ago that even coming from a largely Roman Catholic country, just because Billy Connolly says the Pope drinks, it doesn’t mean you should, even if it is Christmas and even if it does leave you minty fresh. So, this year I’ll be drinking mostly water. Now, I prefer my ‘mostly water’ in a very particular way. Ideally it should be mixed with some crushed grain, heated up, strained, flavoured with a few hops, cooled, sprinkled with yeast, left for a few days, cooled a bit more, left for a few more days before being put into a suitable container. Thankfully, several options are available for those, like myself, who prefer their water served in this way. Indeed we make several such options at Adnams. Here are a couple of particularly seasonal versions that I’ll be drinking over Christmas. The Southwold Spruce beer, available exclusively in M&S, I really like. I did make it but that’s besides the point and the point being that it’s really nice. It’s got a chewy malt base with some nice citrus hops and then a lovely lemony resinous flavour from the Spruce, picked for us by the great people at Holkham and Elveden Estates. If nothing else, I’ve learnt a huge amount this year about making herbal teas with bits of spruce, pine and douglas fir. When I say bits, please don’t try leaving the leg of an old chair in a cup of hot water, whilst that may well flavour the water you’ll have a much better outcome if you use the new spring green tips. 2014 Tally-Ho-Ho-Ho. I really enjoy Tally-Ho season and even if you don’t have a log fire to sit beside or a new pair of slippers it’s still a great beer over which to reminisce about the past and contemplate your tomorrows, or if you don’t fancy any of that just have it with a plate of cheese whilst playing hungry hippos. Merry Christmas, Fergus. John in Christmas hatJohn: Apart from Tequila (100% Agave if you are thinking of getting me some for Christmas) I will be drinking a Peach Basil Vodka Shrub. What is that I hear you say? Well… The quick bit: 2 parts Longshore Vodka 1 part Peach Basil Shrub Syrup Ice Stir This can be made into a long drink with soda water, too. The time-consuming bit (making the Shrub syrup!): 4 ripe peaches ½ kilo granulated sugar 1 packet/25g basil leaves 500ml White Wine Vinegar Cut the peaches into small slices and mix with the sugar, leave for a couple of days. Add the basil leaves and vinegar, stir and let stand for the rest of the week, stirring occasionally. Strain through muslin twice and fill into a bottle. It’s worth the effort! More sugar may be required to balance the vinegar, so adjust for personal taste. The Shrub syrup is fantastic paired with whisky as well. This is a drink with some history behind it. Shrubs have been around for a long time, vinegar and sugar have been used to preserve fruit for centuries. Cheers, John   Rob in Christmas hatRob: My latest indulgence this autumn, and the wine I shall undoubtedly be selling in copious amounts this Christmas, as well as enjoying myself, is a new arrival to the ‘Adnams Selection’ line-up. Albariño is a grape variety that has been grown in north west Spain for centuries. We have captured our very own example from the terraces of Galicia and welcomed it to our Selection stable. The Adnams Albariño is a delicious combination of styles and favours; imagine the peachiness of Viognier, the perkiness of Sauvignon and the length and breadth of a Riesling. Happy Christmas! Rob *Competition Terms and Conditions: Entrants must be 18 years of age or older and resident at a UK address - prize can be delivered in the UK only. Prize is non-transferrable and no cash alternative will be offered. If approved, your comments will be published on following moderation (sorry, but please refrain from using strong language, even if your drink is b* good!). We won’t be judging your comments as such - there’s no right or wrong answer - but we’ll choose one that we like the most. The winner will be contacted by email and we will then ask you for your postal address. The winner must respond by 10am Wednesday 18th December to ensure their gift arrives in time for Christmas. Good luck and have a brilliant Christmas - cheers from all at Adnams!


Sarah Groves