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Thanks a bunch to our Wild Hop pickers!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Wild Hop pickers 2017Our 2017 Wild Hop Amber Beer, made using hops donated by our fab group of Wild Hop spotters, is now available in 330ml bottles and in cask in selected outlets. This year we received hops from around 40 hop pickers, who found hops growing in gardens, hedgerows, pub back gardens and various other wild hoppy places. The hops are picked as whole hop cones (they look like a soft, green, pine cone and grow on a 'bine') and they produce fantastic clean, fresh, grassy, pine and citrus flavours and aromas, capturing the essence of the year's hop harvest. We also add some commercially-grown hops for bitterness, but the character is driven by our wild hops. Adnams Wild Hop beerOur seasonal brew is made with pale ale, wheat, amber malt and brown malt and it's clearly different to last year's beer. You'll find clean spicy notes as well hints of ginger and warm malty tones. To thank our fab hop pickers, Fergus (our Head brewer) invited them all to the Southwold store where they were the first to taste the beer fresh from cask and also took home a bottle and a special hop pickers' hat that they can proudly wear next year when they are foraging for hops! If you'd like to take part next year, look out for our tweets, blog and facebook posts - around late August - when we'll give you all the details on how to join in.    


Sarah Groves