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The Adnams Christmas Claret Case

By Rob Chase, also posted in News on

Adnams Christmas Claret Box 2012(Please note that this case is now sold out - Dec 2012). Adnams has worked closely with the excellent Bordeaux 'Negociant', Sichel & Co. for several years now. A 'Negociant' is the step between the wine producer and the customer - and in the case of Bordeaux involves selecting, advising, encouraging and sometimes even own estates. We selected a range of wines from Sichel for three reasons; first and foremost, the quality is there. We found that each wine was not only representative of its appellation, but full of character, too. The second reason is that this is not just a classy wooden box of six good Clarets, but a journey around this most famous of all wine regions. Lastly, and sometimes the most difficult to achieve, they represent good value for money. In a region of some eight thousand Chateau, this is no mean feat. Inside this case, we have prepared comprehensive tasting notes on each wine to enhance your enjoyment. Please bear in mind that each wine will benefit from being opened a couple of hours before serving. If you can decant it, better still. Should you, for some strange reason, decide not to open these bottles over the festive season, do not fear. They are all well-made, well-structured wines, and if you decided to put them aside to re-emerge at Christmas 2013 or even 2014, they will not disappoint. The Adnams Christmas Claret Case is £79 for six wines from Bordeaux inside a wooden Adnams case. 2009 Château Taillan Lagrave, Côtes de Bordeaux 2009 Château Caillou Les Martins, Lussac St Emilion 2010 Château La Menotte, Lalande de Pomerol 2008 Château Cardinal-Villemaurine, St. Emilion Grand Cur 2009 Château Pomeys, Moulis en Médoc, Cru Bourgeois 2009 Château du Courneau, Médoc You can order online here.    


Rob Chase