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The Adnams Selection Pinot Grigio

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Selection Pinot Grigio"Every Adnams Selection wine is selected for its authenticity and quality. This Pinot Grigio is everything I hoped for - it's full of the characteristic pear-like aromas and flavours yet is not overly sweet like many can be. It's fresh and clean and utterly delicious." Alastair Marshall, Adnams Senior Wine Buyer.

Why Adnams Pinot Grigio?

This Italian white grape variety is universally popular thanks to its fresh, fruity character. However, like all wine styles, you can find outstanding examples as well as poorly-made ones. We didn't need to search hard for a wine that we're happy to call our own - we looked to long-standing partners Fasoli Gino from Veneto, Italy. We already stock a number of Fasoli Gino wines, including the delicious Soave Borgoletto, and have always been impressed by the family's organic and ethical approach to grape growing and winemaking. First established in 1925, the Fasoli Gino's initial foray into organic cultivation was in 1980, and since 1984 all the vineyards have been managed organically. Absolutely no pesticides or chemicals are used - "we love our earth" is the worthy family statement.

About Adnams Pinot Grigio

Amadio and Natalino FasoliThe fruit for our Pinot Grigio is sourced from vineyards owned by a number of families that grow grapes under contract in Veneto. The Fasoli family have known these growers for many years, and all farm organically. As each vineyard is in a different area of Veneto, it gives the brothers Matteo and Giordiano Fasoli the ability to produce expressive, interesting wines with more complexity than can be achieved from a single plot. The grapes are all hand-harvested and are brought to the Fasoli Gino winery for crushing and fermentation in temperature controlled tanks. Low temperatures and exclusion of oxygen helps retain the natural fruity aromas of the Pinot Grgio grapes.

Why we love Fasoli Gino

Geese at Fasoli GinoThe family have a holistic view of running their winery, and they do everything they can to encourage biodiversity. A pair of geese act as honking doorbells (they patrol the courtyard and cellar door) and wander off into the vineyards where they seek out vine pests such as juicy snails to munch on. Wild flowers and plants abound, and the ground beneath the vines is ploughed to control weeds rather than use herbicides. Fasoli Gino's ethical outlook extends beyond their home region of Veneto. Matteo Fasoli spent some time in Argentina, where he was moved by the plight of vineyard workers. The company have set up their own project in Argentina where they grow grapes organically under the Fair Trade banner. The workers and their families enjoy a better standard of living and share the profits. The family truly live up to Natalino Fasoli's pledge, "I undertake to leave a better world for future generations". That's what Adnams aim for too, so our relationship with the family is a harmonious one. It's great to have their Pinot Grigio under our Adnams Selection label, and even better, it's totally delicious, too!

Want to know more?

You can buy Adnams Pinot Grigio online and in our stores at £8.99 a bottle. Fasoli Gino have produced an 11-minute video that you can watch on Youtube and you can learn more about them on their website.


Sarah Groves