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The Curious Incident of our 2014 Garlic shipment…

By Rob Chase, also posted in News on

Rose garlic 2014Our 2014 shipment of Rose Garlic from France has arrived! Marc Ryckwaert of Château du Grand Moulas – our long-time supplier of Côtes-du-Rhône, proved less than contactable at the crucial moment when we needed to ship our new season rose garlic from Piolenc, the self-proclaimed garlic capital of France, just south of Orange. Historically, Marc has always been able to add a few boxes onto our early summer wine shipment but, in near despair, Alastair Marshall, Senior Wine (and Garlic) Buyer, rang the president at the Confrèrie de l’Aïl de Piolenc, who recommended that he contact Marie-Noëlle Faure to facilitate Adnams’ very latest garlic consignment. Disaster and disappointment averted at the eleventh hour. It subsequently turns out that Marc, having lost his crop to hail-damage, then had his winery struck by lightning which in turn, fritzed and blitzed his comms! He decided at that point to get the repairs done at a leisurely pace, unaware that our customers were craving their annual ‘fix’ of freshest, rose garlic. When Marc did finally make contact, it turns out that Marie-Noelle is his neighbour. Circle squared. Alastair comments: “Rose garlic has a gentle pink tinge to it, and the bulbs are substantially bigger than you’d usually find in the supermarkets. The flavours are more intense. The bulbs will begin to shrivel in about a month’s time, but I like to think that it’s the foodie equivalent of Beaujolais Nouveau!” This year’s harvest of rose garlic from Piolenc is available in our Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores* at £1.69 a bulb. *Excluding Adnams Cellar at Jimmy's Farm and Adnams Waterside.  


Rob Chase