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The Jolly Sailor, Orford

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

The Jolly Sailor, OrfordMost visitors to the Suffolk coast are encouraged to spend some time in Orford. It's not only picturesque, it's also fascinating historically. Precious fragments of England's history are preserved in the form of ancient buildings, with the most visible example being the village's castle which was built by Henry II around 1165. Dating from the 16th century, and serving centuries-worth of seafarers and travellers, The Jolly Sailor on Quay Street is wearing its age well. One of the warships from the 1760 wall painting at the Jolly Sailor, OrfordIn 1947, 15 layers of wallpaper were removed from one of the upstairs bedrooms to reveal a wall painting dating back to 1760. It depicts a small squadron of naval warships, remarkably vibrant and well-preserved thanks to all that wallpaper. It's now protected under glass so guests staying in the room can enjoy it. The present custodians of The Jolly sailor, Roy and Lyn Hammond, refurbished all the bedrooms shortly after their arrival in November last year, but they were not lucky enough to find such a treasure this time round! Chef Mark Clements, The Jolly Sailor, OrfordToday, Chef Mark Clements makes the most of Orford's abundant fresh, local produce to provide quality home-cooked food, and the beer is kept in perfect cellar condition by bar manager Gary Martin. You can view a collection of photos of The Jolly Sailor and Orford on Flickr.


Sarah Groves