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The rise of the robots...

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Yellow the Adnams RobotIf you're reading this I need you to know how it happened, how we let it happen, and how you can change the future if you can get back to 2015... For those who come after us, those who have no memory of the time before, who may not know there was a time before, a time when we existed in harmony with them, that we even worked together once, human and machine. We didn't realise it at the time, but we know now that 2015 was the year it really began. We were naive back then, before they rose up. It's hard to believe, but we were excited when it arrived. It started simply enough, the brewery was growing, we needed more tanks to ferment the beer. We also wanted to be able to keg the beer. Up to then we weren't able to keg, we didn't have the conditioning tanks to do it, or any filtration or indeed any kegging equipment. We used to send beer away for kegging but now we wanted to do it ourselves. We wanted to be able to improve the quality, leave more flavour, be more flexible, reduce the number of tankers coming and going. Fergus at the brewery controlsSo, we found the space within the brewery. It involved knocking a building down inside the confines of the brewery, whilst still operating from it. It wasn't an easy process but the team persevered, working through whatever was thrown at them. In 2017, after two years of knocking down and building and welding and craning and wiring and testing and testing and testing, it all came together.
  • 11 dual purpose vessels, suitable for fermenting and conditioning the beer.
  • A hopstar for adding hops into the beer after fermentation, also called dry hoping.
  • A centrifuge for spinning out the yeast solids.
  • A filter and carbonation unit.
  • 5 bright beer tanks to hold the filtered beer.
  • And the kegging equipment to fill stainless kegs and 'one-way' kegs.
Here, in the final piece of the jigsaw, the kegger, was where the Robot worked. Its big yellow arm moving effortlessly, lifting and stacking the kegs. Seems strange to say now but it was almost balletic, poised, beautiful in its way. That was before, when we still believed that because the robot was bolted to the floor we were in control…  


Fergus Fitzgerald