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The Tale of Adnams Sloe Storm...

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Sloe StormIt was snowing hard on the day that Fergus began brewing Adnams winter ale. Most of the team had left early due to the weather forecast, and so Fergus was left alone in the darkening brewery with just the soft sounds of fermenting beer as company as he thought hard about how he could make this year’s Adnams Christmas beer recipe the best ever.

Wouldn't it be nice, he thought, to use a new ingredient, something that might add a little extra magic to the beer.

His eye-lids started to feel heavy, and the warmth of the brewery felt like a big, hoppy blanket wrapping snuggly around him. He may have closed his eyes for a while, it was difficult to tell, as thoughts drifted in and out - malted barley, hops, fresh sea air, snow storm, sloe storm, Christmas...

Suddenly, he heard a deep, kind-sounding voice behind him:

Adnams brewery in snow“Ho Ho Ho! Sloe, sloe, sloe!”

His heart leapt, and he spun round on his chair.

But there was nobody there.

Heart still racing, Fergus could begin to make out a large, lumpy shape that had appeared in the room. As his eyes adjusted to the dark, he could see that this was a giant hessian sack with “North Pole” written in neat red letters.

What could be in there, he wondered.

Tentatively, he got up and peered inside. The sack was filled with ripe sloes glistening with frost, and he knew then that this was the special ingredient that would make Adnams winter beer truly magical.

Okay, so this might not be exactly how Fergus made this year’s brew, but everyone loves a Christmas story, right?!

Adnams Sloe Storm is now sold out online, but you may still be able to find our 8-pint mini-casks in our stores. It is available in casks in selected pubs and outlets.   Adnams Sloe Storm mini cask

Sloe Storm facts:

Abv: 4% Malts: Pale ale, double roasted crystal Hops: Fuggles and Phoenix Other: Sloes (not necessarily from the North Pole) Serving suggestion: Great with duck and plum sauce, or traditional roast turkey.    


Sarah Groves