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Two Brewers' Irish Stout - exclusive Wetherspoon St Patrick's Day beer

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Fergus & Cormac Two Brewers' Irish StoutIn amongst the many comings and goings in February, Cormac from Dungarvan Brewing Company came over from Ireland to brew a stout exclusively for JD Wetherspoon pubs. This was Cormac’s second visit to Adnams, having brewed a Red Ale for St Patrick's Day in 2013. We went for a stout this year, but we both wanted it to have something a bit more about it, so as well as lots of oats, roasted barley and chocolate malt we used some French oak chips to add another dimension to the brew. The oak adds a nice vanilla and toffee note which I think gives the beer more complexity yet it's still quite light. We used a little of the oak in the kettle but most went into the fermentation tank. We put the oak chips in cotton bags to make sure that they don't block up the outlet and to allow the flavour of oak chips to gently infuse into the beer. Then when its done we haul out the bags again. Whilst this technique works, the effort of having to take the bags out again is quite considerable, the wood goes in dry but absorbs some of the beer so the bags are a lot heavier coming out than going in. So, Paul, one of engineers, has now been tasked with making a little stainless steel infusion tank that we can fill with oak chips, hibiscus flowers, tea leaves, pine needles, or god forbid even some hops and then slowly circulate the beer through. That should take some of the work out but also make sure we get even more flavour out. I’m sure 5 years ago the request to build an oak chip infuser would have been met with a raised eyebrow or two but now it’s just added to the list.Two Brewers' Irish Stout The beer, 'Two Brewers' Irish Stout' was brewed, unsurprisingly, for St Patricks Day, so if you are that way inclined have a Happy St Patricks Day. I did most of my celebrating on Saturday night after launching South Town at Camden Town Brewery and watching the Ireland rugby team win the six nations, although I might sneak a pint of Two Brewers' Stout after work. You can find your nearest Wetherspoon pub here.    


Fergus Fitzgerald