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Tyler's Suffolk Show recipes

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Tyler Torrance at the Suffolk ShowSome of you may have seen Adnams' Head Chef from The Crown, Tyler Torrance, on stage at the Cookery Theatre at this year's Suffolk Show. If so, you may have been inspired to try out his recipes at home. However, if you'd rather let Tyler and his team do the hard work for you, then you can enjoy them at The Crown Hotel in Southwold over the next week or two while the ingredients are still in season.

Suffolk Show Cookery Theatre, Wednesday 29th May 2013

Cut of Wild Sea Trout

with Adnams First Rate Gin Compressed Cucumber, Samphire and Lemon Verbena Here is a great light starter for you to try at home using some great seasonal favorites of mine, not to mention our own Adnams First Rate Gin. Recipe For 4 Sea Trout Fillet One sea trout scaled, filleted & pin boned. 450g trout fillets Trim the belly of the Sea trout and dice the trim. Reserve. Cut four 100g portions from the head end of the fillets. Reserve. Save the tail end and trim to 1cm cubes Cured Belly of Sea Trout 2 Belly and tail ends of the sea trout cut in to a nice dice 100g Sea Salt 140g Sugar 60ml First Rate Gin 6 Crushed Juniper seeds Zest of one Lemon Bit of Lemon Verbena & Thyme Combine salt, sugar, gin, herbs & spices together, then marinade the diced Sea Trout for 24 hours. (This is a great cure for a whole fillets. Just increase the length of time to 48 hours). After which pat dry and reserve. Cucumber & First Rate Gin 1 Cucumber cut in spheres 60ml Dash of Adnams First Rate Gin Place cucumber in vacuum-pack bag with the gin and compress with a vacuum pack machine / alternatively marinate for 24 hours. Lemon Verbena Purée 1 Bunch Lemon Verbena 200ml Water 1/2 teaspoon Xantana Blanch the herb in boiling hot water and shock in ice water to set the color. Squeeze dry, add water, and purée in a liquidizer add Xantana to thicken to a lovely puree, season and reserve. Samphire 200g Samphire Trim the root and lightly steamed, with butter To serve Sea TroutIn a hot lightly-oiled pan place fillets of sea trout skin-side down and cook until golden, flip and place in a moderately hot oven to finish to medium-rare (most dense fleshed fish such as sea trout are extremely succulent served this way). Baste with butter and rest while preparing to plate. Pull the lemon verbena puree across a nice long plate then place the trout fillet, the cured trout belly, compressed cucumber and the samphire across the pull. At The Crown Hotel I serve this dish as a light starter or add a crab mousse to serve as a main course.

Suffolk Show Cookery Theatre, Thursday 30th May 2013

Cedar Roasted Salmon

with Adnams Fat Sprat Amber Beer Glaze, Grapefruit & Watercress Here is a favorite family meal of mine. I've been roasting fish on cedar for years; it works on a BBQ or in an oven. There is a subtle smokiness that you just can't get with other woods and pairing that with Fat Sprat Amber Beer I don’t think you could find a better match. As far as spring entrées go, this is a straight, easy number to impress guests and family alike. Add a light spring salad, a back garden and spring just got a whole lot livelier. Recipe For 4 M.C.S. Approved Salmon One Salmon scaled, filleted, pin-boned. 4 200g Salmon Fillets One untreated cedar plank long enough to fit four fillets Trim the belly of the salmon and cut four 200g portions from the head end of the fillets. Save the tail end for a kid’s portion or a later meal. Fat Sprat Amber Beer Glaze 1/2 pint Fat Sprat Amber Beer 200g Muscovado Sugar Pinch Flakey Salt 1 Ruby Grapefruit Zest & Peel Warm all the ingredients together but take care not to reduce, then brush the glaze over the salmon. Reserve Grapefruit & Watercress 200g Watercress 2 Ruby Grapefruit, segmented Trim the root and refresh the watercress in cold water. Peel and segment the grapefruit then toss the segments with the watercress, anoint with rape seed oil and a bit of flakey salt. To serve Get your oven or BBQ nice and hot, the hotter the better. Place the marinated salmon fillets on the cedar plank, brush with more glaze and place into the oven or BBQ. Roast salmon to medium-rare and garnish directly onto the cedar board with the watercress and grape fruit salad and serve with a pint of Fat Sprat Amber Ale. Enjoy. Tyler Torrance, Head Chef, The Crown Hotel in Southwold


Sarah Groves