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What to expect from the Adnams 10K race

By Liz, also posted in News on

This kilometre-by-kilometre guide to the course will hopefully get you excited and spur you on in your training. It highlights a few of the local landmarks you can expect to see during the race, as well as the best places for spectators to cheer on the runners. The Start Flood-line at The Harbour Inn, SouthwoldAccording to the start of the Adnams 10k is actually below sea level. The 1953 flood line is clearly marked on the Harbour Inn wall, where runners will gather to hear the claxon sound the start of the race. This Adnams pub is a great place for spectators to gather and runners will pass this point a further two times before the end. Please note there is no parking at the start line - participants will need to walk down from the Common parking area. Km 1 Southwold Lifeboat StationThe route follows the harbour wall past the traditional black fishing sheds and the distracting aroma of fish and chips! This is a gravelly section with some pot holes and puddles - if the wind is from the East it can be very cold and blustery. At the end of the first km you will see the caravan park and the Lifeboat station. Km 2 WC - useful to know!Turning left at the Harbour mouth you will now be running on tarmac-surfaced road and facing North - running parallel with the sea. The end of the second km coincides with the public toilets - useful to know if you are prone to "doing a Paula". Km 3 This section takes you on a gentle incline and is a great spot for spectators to watch the course with easy access to the finish line. As you are now amongst the houses the wind should be less demanding. Km 4 Water towersHeading down past the water tower and golf course you will enjoy a gentle downhill section with wonderful views of the marshes and out to sea. Km 5 You have now come back to the Harbour Inn and will head up the Harbour again. This time round, look out for the lovely little cottages among the dunes and spot the interesting names like "The Hutch". Km 6 Heading back into the town it is not quite time to finish so dig in and tackle the hill again. Km 7 You might notice a large stone to your right - this is the William Godyll memorial - he was one of Southwold's founders and in 2009 had the honour of an Adnams beer named after him. Km 8 Slow for SwansHooray, down hill again. Look out for the wildlife on the marshes and enjoy the wind on your back (it is unlikely to be coming from the South in November!) Km 9 Nearly there now - up the Harbour wall again - you probably won't worry about dodging puddles by this stage. When you reach the town again, this time bear right and head up the short, sharp hill to the finish. The Finish! The Red LionRight outside the Red Lion pub your goody bag and medal will be waiting for you. The contents of the goody bag are a closely guarded secret but will certainly include a bottle of Adnams beer - you've earnt it. You can view the route here. Looking forward to seeing you on the start line