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Wine Focus - The Den Series

By Adnams , also posted in News on

Delicious wines from South Africa

South Africa is home to some incredible wines, and some incredible wildlife, and it is that combination which inspired “The Den” series of wines from Painted Wolf.  

African wild dogs are currently listed as an endangered species, meaning that they are very likely to become extinct if nothing is done to reverse the dwindling numbers in the wild. At the start of the 20th century it was estimated there was 300,000 African wild dogs in the wild, that number has plummeted to 6,500 today, and that’s where Painted Wolf comes in.  

Jeremy and Emma Borg founded Painted Wolf to create wines from a small number of growers in some of South Africa's prime sites, including Paarl, Swartland and Stellenbosch. They created a community of talented individuals and 'pack member' vineyards, bringing the best available grapes, technical and winemaking skills together, to create delicious wines that really make a difference.  

Five percent of Painted Wolf profits from UK sales are donated to Tusk, a conservation charity dedicated to the protection of African Wild Dogs. Tusk supports anti-poaching initiatives and works to support communities, educating them to maintain the protection of wild dog habitats while promoting co-existence.  

Here at Adnams, we are extremely passionate about conservation, which is why we were only too happy to join forces with Painted Wolf to offer our customers their fantastic wines.  

We currently have the Sauvignon Blanc online (with more to come soon). With typical aromas of gooseberry, fresh cut grass and figs, this Sauvignon Blanc has a round textured mouth feel, great balance and fresh supple acidity. The Den Wines are comfort wines, and this wine delivers just that.  

This Sauvignon is produced from two vineyards, one situated in Darling and one in Swartland. Darling, situated in the south west is just off the coast, enjoys a cooler climate with the sea breezes of the South Atlantic Ocean rustling through the vineyards.  

Pair with a light summer salad or a spicy peri-peri chicken dish.

Find The Den Sauvignon Blanc here in a 6 bottle case.