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Yeast is Yeast

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

[caption id="attachment_3410" align="alignleft" width="210" caption="Sacharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Cells"]Sacharomyces Cerevisiae Yeast Cells[/caption] At Adnams we have our own yeast strain, the same strain we have been using since the 1940's when following an infection issue we went to a brewery in Norwich called Morgans and got some of their yeast to get us back brewing again. Like many older breweries our yeast isn't actually one strain, it's two, historically it would have been more than that. Individually they are terrible brewing yeasts but together they work. It would be nice to think of them as a happy couple skipping through the field of barley sugars leaving alcohol and wonderful flavours in their wake for all to enjoy....but that's not the reality....they probably hate each other. Maybe once they got on when they were more of them in it, they probably ganged up on the others but now it's just them they are constantly fighting. One complaining that the other is eating too much of the barley sugars and staying up late and the other that it feels weighed down by it's partner when all it wants to do is stay in the lovely beer. One thing leads to another, enzymes get secreted and suddenly they're not talking to each other, one's dropped out of the beer while the other is still gorging on the remaining sugars (I think it's partly comfort eating myself). Once this happens we have to step in, take one of them off and have a quiet chat, 'they didn't mean it, they like you really, you're a great team, think of your daughter cells' until we've built them up enough to go back and make up or at least to get back to work. It never lasts long and the slightest thing can set them off, so why do we put up with them? well in the end they are part of the furniture, part of our house flavour, part of Adnams. If you have any idea what I am talking about let me know as I lost track quite early on.


Fergus Fitzgerald