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By Benedict Orchard, also posted in News on

Ben-and-Richard-with-Edie-Water-Management-Award-2017Adnams has been awarded the Edie Sustainability Leaders Award for Water Management recognising our industry-leading and innovative work in sustainable water stewardship. We are very honoured to have received this award from such a prestigious body; Edie. Edie has been the market-leading information resource driving sustainability in business for nearly 20 years. They are a trusted and integral part of the workflow of 60,000+ sustainability professionals, as well as being part of the UK's largest multi-platform portfolio of sustainability information and resources. The Adnams approach to water stewardship is not just about pushing for the highest possible water efficiencies within our own brewery and distillery, but it is about understanding how water is used across the lifecycle of our products. In 2016 we carried out a water lifecycle assessment, identifying consumption and quality of water in all stages of making our beer; from grain to glass. [caption id="attachment_18157" align="alignright" width="225"]Adnams' Ben and Richard are excited to have won the award Adnams' Ben and Richard are excited to have won the award[/caption] Adnams was the first UK brewer to complete this full lifecycle assessment, which followed on from being the first UK brewery to complete a carbon lifecycle assessment of our beers. Such projects help us identify improvements, otherwise hard to see, which ensure greater resilience to our growing demand in a changing climate. The Edie judges said “Adnams are a sustainability leader through and through, and with this project, the brewer has proved that resource efficiency can have a huge impact on a company’s direct and indirect operations, and can often generate some surprising additional results.” The awards evening was a celebration of fantastic achievement for organisations that have gone to great lengths to drive the green industrial revolution, not just from within their own operations but also through new collaborations and sector-wide commitments. In total 19 separate companies received awards, including two of our suppliers, highlighting their successes and desire to do things, as we do, in a sustainable way: •    O-I, who manufacture all our glass beer bottles, received the ‘Carbon Management’ award for their recent investment in a UK first radical innovative technology, making their plant the UKs most sustainable container glass plant. •    Smartest Energy, who supply our 100% renewable electricity to our brewery, received the ‘Sustainable Product Innovation: Energy’ for their recent introduction of the UK’s first certificate-backed renewable electricity product and associated Energy Label. Our congratulations go out to both of our suppliers, and all the other winners of the evening, a full list of whom, along with a winners report can be found here.


Benedict Orchard