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Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% 4 x Cans

Hauntingly good beer
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Why Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% 4 x Cans?

Adnams invested in a reverse osmosis plant which allows the team to brew Ghost Ship 4.5% and then take out the alcohol leaving the same amazing taste.

The Telegraph - "Very fruity and zingy, with strong citrus hints. Taste just like a proper beer."

Love Food - "Fruity but dry, Ghost Ship 0.5% packs a punch with it's bold bitterness, and fruity notes. Vegan and with just 21 calories per 100ml, it's guilt free too."

Men's Health - "A 'proper ale' with lots of hoppiness."

Sunday Express - "Here's one of the most convincing low/no alcohol beers I've sampled. It is fresh and flavoursome with a nice hoppy bite as well as fresh citrus notes."

About Time - "For those wanting to cut down on booze, Adnams has launched Ghost Ship 0.5%. It has all the flavour of the regular pale ale with only 0.5% abv so your hangover won't be coming to haunt you the next day."

The Times - "Dry-hopped, fruity, full-throttle and malty. No wonder Adnams keeps running - it's delicious!"

  • Contains gluten, barley & rye. Suitable for Vegans

  • All the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship 4.5% but is no apparition, treating pale ale lovers to 100% of the taste at 0.5% abv - spooky!

  • Perfect for a summer barbecue. Also goes well with spicy food, pizza, and summer salads.

Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% 4 x Cans

Brewer Dan Gooderham explains how Ghost Ship Alcohol Free is made: "To make Ghost Ship Alcohol Free, we first brew a version of Ghost Ship 4.5% using East Anglian barley – locally-grown rye crystal malt and cara malts. We dry-hop with citra, chinook and cascade to create those bright, citrus aromas and flavours, and ferment as we would normally. The beer is then sent across to our new reverse osmosis plant, where under pressure water and ethanol travel across membranes. The driver for the process is the concentration gradient of ethanol across the membranes. We add lots of water to carry the ethanol away leaving a concentrated Ghost Ship minus the alcohol. We then blend back some fresh water and carbon dioxide to create Ghost Ship Alcohol Free."

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