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  • Brewed & Distilled in Southwold
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Adnams x Lost & Grounded 'Rule of Twelfths'

Brewed in collaboration with Lost & Grounded
  • ABV 4.1%
  • £19.99
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Why Adnams x Lost & Grounded 'Rule of Twelfths'?

Working in collaboration gives us the opportunity to expand our range and indulge in some labours of love. This red rye ale is packed full of those pineapple and passionfruit flavours while maintaining that lovely sweet toasted malt taste. 

The name derives from the sea. It's a rule of thumb that seafairers use to estimate the height of tides, perfect for a coastal brewery on the beautiful Southwold shore. 

  • Contains Rye, Barley - Gluten

  • Passionfruit, pineapple with a hint of grapefruit. 

  • Peppered mackeral or spicy cured meats. 

Adnams x Lost & Grounded 'Rule of Twelfths'


It was back in 2014 that we first brewed with Alex Troncoso when he was head brewer at Camden Town. A couple of years after that, Alex and his partner Annie set up their own brewery called Lost and Grounded Brewers. We admire their German and Belgian inspired beers and we love what they’re doing at their brewery in Bristol. They are also great people to work with, and possibly most importantly, to share a beer with afterwards, so they were at the top of our wish list of collaboration brewers this year.
We wanted the Rule of Twelfths to be a cross between a few styles, blending the juicy fruit flavours from Australian hops and the low bitterness of a New England IPA and applying that to a red ale / mild ale-style malt base with the added spiciness of a rye. It’s probably best described as a classic version of a modern style.

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