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Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
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Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles

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8 bottles of the delicious 0.5%

It’s Ghost Ship, but not as you know it. We’ve managed to squeeze 100% of the taste into 0.5% abv. This is no apparition; it really is a low alcohol beer!

Ghost Ship 0.5% has the taste and aroma of Ghost Ship 4.5%, but with almost all the alcohol removed. There are lots of ways to create low alcohol beer, but many methods involve either changing the recipe or the way it is brewed, and this often alters the flavour.

Adnams invested in a de-alcoholiser; a reverse osmosis plant which allows the team to brew Ghost Ship 4.5% and then take out the alcohol. It is all very high tech, but what it does is allow Ghost Ship to sail away almost free from alcohol but remain full of its original flavours and aromas. So you’ll still get to experience that famous citrus kick and smell lovely lemon and lime, when occasion or preference dictates less alcohol.

Read the reviews from our customers and browse what the press had to say below.


  • Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
    ABV 0.5
  • Type Ghost Ship
  • Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
    Country Great Britain
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Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles


Brewer, Dan Gooderham explains how it’s made: "To make Ghost Ship 0.5%, we first brew a version of Ghost Ship 4.5% using East Anglian barley – locally-grown Rye Crystal malt and Cara malts. We dry-hop with Citra, Chinook and Cascade to create those bright, citrus aromas and flavours, and ferment as we would normally. The beer is then sent across to our reverse osmosis plant, where under pressure water and ethanol travel across membranes. The driver for the process is the concentration gradient of ethanol across the membranes. We add lots of water to carry the ethanol away leaving concentrated Ghost Ship, minus the alcohol. We then blend back some fresh water and carbon dioxide to create Ghost Ship 0.5%."

Nutritional information (per 100ml):

Energy: 90kJ/ 21 kcal

Fat: <0.10g

Of which saturates: <0.10g

Carbohydrates: 4.20g

Of which sugars: 0.1g

Protein: 0.30g

Salt: <0.10g

Contains gluten, barley & rye. Suitable for Vegans

Low Alcohol Beer

This is the best low alcohol beer on the market and I’ve tried most of them!
Well done 👍

5th January 2022

Top score.

Very very good for an alcohol free beer. Very good, tastes like alcoholic beer but without the alcohol.
Full marks!

27th November 2021


Out of all the non/low alcohol beers i’ve tried, nothing comes close to ghost ship. it’s brilliant.

19th November 2021


I've tried so many low or non-alcohol beers. Some are appalling, others are acceptable, this is exceptional!
I’m completely serious when I say I doubt I could pick it out of a line-up of normal/alcoholic pale ales.
Please don’t stop production!

9th October 2021

Ghostship low alcohol

Tried this yesterday at spoons in Newtownards, was totally amazed at the texture and flavour of this beer ,loved it unfortunately the second bottle never happened as they had run out. However this is the best tasting low alcohol beer on the market, well done

29th September 2021

Super very low alcohol beer

Its a triumph of brewing for those who just want the taste of a full bodied beer without the alcohol.
Very pleasent citrus notes, perfect summer accompaniment to outdoor cooking and eating as well as social evenings.
Love it.
I hope there are more to come from Adnams.

19th August 2021

Amazing taste & Vegan

Tried this bottled (0%)beer a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised. Citrusy light taste perfect for a summers day.

27th April 2021

Ghost Ship .5

This is the greatest low alcohol beer I have ever tried. With the increasing restrictions on driving and drinking this is a real pleasure. It means as the family's driver I can go out and have several pints without worrying about the consequences. I can really "enjoy the moment without the worry". I think it needs a real push to ensure it becomes really well known which would ensure it is available in as many pubs and supermarkets as possible. Carry on the fantastic work

8th March 2021

The standard by which other low alcohol beers are judged.

I have yet to find a better, fuller bodied, more satisfying and real-feel beer than this one, even compared with much more expensive rivals.

1st February 2021


The discovery of a tasty low alcohol beer to satisfy the 6.00pm rush for a drink has been my saviour since the first lockdown started.
Even my avid real ale drinkers have been surprised by the distinct taste of this fabulous brew.

13th November 2020


I've was looking for a low alcohol beer for ages (this is pre-Covid) for mainly for visitors who drive/don't drink, but also for our own 'off days'. Wasn't having much luck in terms of anything that was actually enjoyable to drink. Then had this at a pub on draught and tried to send it back becasue it was 'real' beer and a mistake! It wasn't! So I came to the website and found it in bottles. No-one who drinks it forthe frist time can believe how full-bodied it is for 0.5% It's been our house beer ever since.

8th October 2020

0.5% yet stunning

Wanted a zero or very low alcohol beer for midweek Champions League and without to feeling of jadedness.

In our local M&S Food and saw this, love the usual one and thought: why not? Whow. It’s stunning and 0.5%.

Great beer for midweek.

19th August 2020

Brilliant Ghost Ship

What a find . Ghost Ship is a truly delicious next-to-non alcoholic pale ale. Several reasons for drinking low or non alcoholic beers, eg designated driver, want to be sociable but don't like/want alcohol, want a refreshing but not sweet drink. Ghost Ship satisfies all these. Leaves other low alcohol beers we've tried trailing in its wake (sorry, tried to avoid all the puns, tide has turned for low alcohol beers, others out of their depth etc etc but couldn't resist in the end)

16th August 2020

Ghost ship 0.5%

Over the years I’ve tried many low alcohol products so seeing this in Morrison’s on Friday I gave it a try. Bingo the first one that actually tastes like a drink you would choose to drink on it’s own merit.
Definitely worth a try.

28th June 2020

Adams Ghostship

What a game changer, excellent beer but low alcohol, well-done Adams.

21st June 2020

Amazing Taste

I have tried many different beers and I can honestly say that the 0.5% Ghost Ship is amazing. I can't wait to order my next load. The carbs are low as well so this is excellent for me. Thank you Adnams.

9th June 2020

Ghost Ship - 0.5%

Really nice beer and almost no alcohol! Very refreshing and a lovely tang. Having turned 18 and started driving in the early ‘80’s with the dreadful non alcoholic beer we had back then I never thought I’d be writing a (really) good review for a non alcoholic beer but here it is! Great work Mr Brewer/Adnams - thank you!

7th June 2020

The only beer for me from now on

This is a full taste beer that is in my opinion the best on the market. It’s is refreshing hoppy low calorie and hardly any alcohol. This is the only beer that I need a second or third pint of in that price range. So I will stock up in case corona virus limits stock.

11th March 2020

Ghost Ship

Am totally blown away with the taste of this beer. This will change my drinking habit completely. Without compromising my health!

29th January 2020

Full Marks Adnams

Full marks Adnams. This beer has a hoppy aroma, a stimulating bitterness and a dry aftertaste. Each bottle lasts the distance and you don't find yourself drinking it too quickly, like most other low alcohol drinks or soft drinks. Indeed, every sip requires a little contemplation. In short, this beer satisfies the palate. I stuck to this beer at a Christmas get-together last night in a Wetherspoon pub and was safe to drive myself and others home afterwards, without any feeling that I had missed out.

20th December 2019
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Men's Health

"A 'proper ale' with lots of hoppiness."

Sunday Express

"Here's one of the most convincing low/no alcohol beers I've sampled. It is fresh and flavoursome with a nice hoppy bite as well as fresh citrus notes."

About Time

"For those wanting to cut down on booze, Adnams has launched Ghost Ship 0.5%. It has all the flavour of the regular pale ale with only 0.5% abv so your hangover won't be coming to haunt you the next day."

The Times

"Dry-hopped, fruity, full-throttle and malty. No wonder Adnams keeps running - it's delicious!"

The Daily Telegraph

"As ever, if Adnams does something, it does it well. Having invested in a reverse-osmosis machine to remove the alcohol, avoiding the need to subject the beer to heat, it produces an extremely faithful recreation of the original Ghost Ship ale, with its lovely bready character and orangey hop hints."

Great British Food

Easily one of the finest low alcohol beers available, this ingenious version of Adnams' flagship Ghost Ship tastes like a slightly lighter version of the real thing. Expect bold flavours of Citra hops.


Its been historically challenging to find good non-alcoholic alternatives to beer, considering the unique taste and flavour that comes from the brewing process. After investing in a de-alcoholiser plant which can remove alcohol from beer after it has been brewed, Adnams has been able to reduce the alcohol in its Ghost Ship 4.5 per cent beer to 0.5 per cent. Given the small alcohol content, this might not be suitable for everyone, but if you’re still fine with the tiniest percentage of alcohol, we’d recommend giving these beers a try.

BBC Good Food

This is Adnams flagship pale ale, without the alcohol. It retains a lot of the mouthfeel, keeping that pleasing citrussy hop note, and goes down a treat.

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Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles
Adnams Ghost Ship 0.5% Bottles

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8 bottles of the delicious 0.5%

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