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Adnams Triple Knot

Gentle sparkle
  • ABV 10%
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Why Adnams Triple Knot?

At 10% abv, intense flavours of honey, orange blossom and pear drops are followed by subtle bready hints and a warming, luscious, sweet finish. Available in 330ml bottles with a swing-top, Triple Knot is made with Pilsner, acidulated malt and invert sugar fermented using Adnams house yeast as well as white wine yeast. It's hopped with Eldorado and Pacific Jade and we add a sprinkling of botanicals - lavender, orange blossom and jasmine.
  • At 10% abv, it has intense aromas of honey, orange blossom and pear drops, followed by bready notes.

  • Spicy, flavourful curries

Adnams Triple Knot

Adnams Triple Knot Tripel is brewed with lager malt and some sugar to keep the malt character lighter than it normally would be in a 10% abv beer. We only add a small amount of hops, as this beer isn’t about hops. We ferment it with our Adnams house yeast, but once it has reached around 8% abv, we add a little white wine yeast to take it to 10%. The wine yeast also adds character of its own – some floral notes that complement the style well. We then add a little lavender, orange blossom and jasmine to the fermenter, and leave the beer and botanicals on the yeast lees for six months inside the fermenter. Leaving a beer on its lees for too long isn’t normally encouraged, but in this high-strength beer, the maturing lees add delicious honey, bready notes.

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