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Equal Pay & Gender Pay Gap

Adnams remains committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees.

Equal Pay Statement and Gender Pay Gap

Adnams remains committed to the principles of equal pay for all our employees. We operate a fair job evaluation scheme to measure the relative value of all roles within our business that is consistent, transparent and fair. We ensure there is no gender bias in our pay and remuneration systems and understand that equal pay between males and females is a moral obligation and a legal right in accordance with the Equality Act 2010.

We are committed to conducting regular pay audits and pay reviews and taking swift and specific action to address any inequality should it be highlighted.

The information we are required by legislation to publish is detailed below. Average male pay is higher than average female pay.

Mean Pay Gap 17%

Median Pay Gap 11%

Mean Bonus Pay Gap 100%

Median Bonus Pay Gap 100%

Males receiving Bonus Pay 0.7%

Females receiving Bonus Pay 0

Quartile Distribution Male/Female

Lower Quartile 37/63

Lower Middle Quartile 44/56

Upper Middle Quartile 68/32

Upper Quartile 69/31

Total Population 54/46

Pay Gap

Along with approximately 40% of other UK businesses we saw our Gender Pay Gap widen slightly in 2018. The size of our organisation and the relatively low numbers employed means small changes within our structure can cause a percentage shift. We remain confident that our stance on Gender Pay is fair and robust and that pay progression is available to all on merit.

Bonus Pay Gap

There has never been a strong bonus culture within Adnams as we believe paying fair market rate salaries encourages our teams to focus on longer term goals and delivers sustainable results. The decision was taken in 2017 to withdraw the company wide bonus schemes that were in operation and move to schemes more closely linked to individual performance. Only two bonus payments were made during the reporting period, both to male employees.

Quartile Distribution

Adnams have successfully facilitated the progression of female employees internally and ensures there are no barriers to female candidates being appointed into senior roles. There is a strong pipeline of female talent within the region and within our business but this will take time to filter through to the upper quartiles. Our Talent Management Strategies ensure potential is identified and developed at all levels and across all business areas regardless of gender. Our approach to flexible working will ensure that opportunities are available for all based on aptitude and ability.