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How to Apply & Grant Recipient Case Studies

Adnams Community Trusts supports many worthwhile causes within 25 miles of Southwold. Discover if you could be eligible for a grant, how you apply, or be inspired by some of the recent recipients.

How to Apply & Grant Recipient Case Studies 

Adnams Community Trust has awarded over 1,500 grants to many worthwhile causes across its community. Recent organisations to have benefitted include community environmental projects, pre-schools, village halls, sports associations, and social support groups.

Meeting of the Board of Trustees

Grants are awarded by the board of trustees four times a year, in January, April, July, and October. The application deadlines for 2022 are as follows:

    • January 2022 - application deadline Friday 26 November 2021
    • April 2022 - application deadline Friday 18 February 2022
    • July 2022 - application deadline Friday 6 May 2022
    • October 2022 - application deadline Friday 19 August 2022

The grant meeting in October 2021 is now closed to new applications.

Could you be eligible for a grant?

The Trustees appreciate all the hard work being carried out in our community and consider all applications carefully. To help you apply, please consider the following requirements:

    • The Adnams Community Trust awards grants for the benefit of those living within a 25-miles of Southwold. Please click here to see a map that illustrates the 25-mile catchment area.
    • Grants range from £100 to £2,500 and must be for specific items. For example, requesting support for 'the purchase of x10 litter pickers' is clearer for consideration, than requesting support for 'a litter clearing project.'
    • Grants are only awarded to organisations, and not directly to individuals.
    • The Trustees would expect to see the results of their donations within one year.
    • Please click here to view a map that illustrates the 25-mile catchment area

Grants are made to good causes in the following areas:

    • Education
    • Health & Social Welfare
    • The Arts
    • Recreation
    • Buildings & Community Facilities
    • The Environment / Conservation

How to Apply

For an application form, application guidelines, or if you have any questions, please contact:


Telephone: 01502 727200

By post to: Rebecca Abrahall, Adnams Community Trust Administrator, The Adnams Community Trust, c/o 23 The Street Brockdish IP21 4JY

Case Studies

Still unsure if your project or worthy cause would be eligible for a grant? We have helped many wonderful and hard-working organisations. It is always rewarding to see the Trust's contributions in action and hear what our support has meant for the individuals and organisations we have been able to help.

Some of the recent recipients include Thorpeness Beach Baggers, who are all residents of the village. For the past 16 years they have been committed to cleaning the local beach, but this year, they expanded their environmental efforts to include planting heritage fruit trees. They were awarded a grant of £920 to help bring their plans to fruition. Other organisations that have recently benefitted from grants are include causes such as Riding for the Disabled, and Hedgehog Rescue.

Pathways Care Farm, Lowestoft

    •  Applied for support to purchase a poly tunnel

Pathways Care Farm is small by farm standards, only 13 acres, but it is a beautiful mixture of traditional county farm buildings set around a courtyard. There are fields for grazing, with goats, donkeys and alpacas, as well as gardens for growing flowers, fruit, and vegetables. There is also a truly gorgeous sensory garden.

The main work of the charity is to provide therapeutic support for vulnerable people. Caring for the animals and the horticulture activities provided are a perfect way to give the farm workers meaningful tasks that stimulate the mind and body.

Geoff Stevens, of Pathways Care Farm: “Not everyone wants to be outside in the wind and rain on a dreary February morning, so having a polytunnel is a great way to start, or continue, the growing process when the sun is hiding.

“Polytunnels are superb structures however, they can be costly, so Pathways approached Adnams Community Trust for financial support. The result was the fantastic resource you can see in the accompanying image. We have started much of our planting in here, taught people how to sow seeds, pot on, prick out… even used it as a dining room (especially during lockdown).

“We can’t imagine life without one now and we are so grateful to Adnams Community Trust for their generosity and their trust in us.”

Details of awarded grants

For more information on the grants awarded, and a summary of the causes supported by the charity each year, you can read the Adnams Community Trust's Report and Accounts. They can be found as downloadable PDFs on the Adnams Community Trust page.

Inspired to fundraise or donate?

If you would like to support more organisations like this, through fundraising or a donation, find out how on the Adnams Community Trust page.