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Regulatory Disclosures

Find out about our share classes and our regulatory disclosures here.


Adnams has two classes of voting shares, “A” shares which are unquoted and “B” shares which are quoted on the Nex Exchange. The following disclosures are made in relation to the “B” shares in compliance with Nex Exchange market requirements:

Issuer name: Adnams PLC

Corporate Advisor: As a company admitted before 21 December 2003, Adnams has exercised its right not to retain a Corporate Advisor

Incorporation: Adnams was incorporated in England in 1890 under the registered number 31114

Directors details: See our “Meet our Team” page here

Business, operations and strategy: Details of these are available throughout this website and in our annual reports

Number of securities in issue: 285,842 of which 81% are in public hands

Substantial shareholders:

Mr Michael Guy Hilliard Heald – 14%

Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge – 7%

Mrs Lindsay Anne Underhill Dixon – 6%

Mr Jonathan Patrick Adair Adnams – 3%

Regulatory announcements: See

Annual reports: Can be viewed here