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Adnams Low & No Alcohol BBQ Pack

An essential BBQ Pack for non-drinkers
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Why Adnams Low & No Alcohol BBQ Pack?

A BBQ selection perfect for people who are looking for a non-alcoholic alternative. This pack includes our delicious BBQ Sauce for smothering on a hot dog or burger, a trio of our beer Chutneys, great for livening up a bread-roll or a cheese-board. A pack of eight x 500ml bottles of Ghost Ship 0.5%, one bottle of Adnams 0.5%, Garnacha Rosé and also you'll receive 6 bottles of Bee's Knees Sparkling White!


    Contains Fish (anchovies), Sulphites Rye and Barley (Gluten)


  • Everything you will need for a fantastic BBQ

  • The essentials to accompany any BBQ

Adnams Low & No Alcohol BBQ Pack

A low or non-alocoholic alternative to our BBQ packs. The delicious low alcohol Garnacha rosé, is perfect served chilled. The Ghost Ship 0.5% has all the same flavours and aromas as Ghost Ship 4.5%, with 100% of the taste but at 0.5% abv - spooky stuff! The Bee's Knees Sparkling White is fresh, fruity and fizzy, perfect if you don't drink or are wanting to drive!

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