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Adnams Ultimate Beer & Glass Set

Two limited edition beers and a beer tasting glass
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Why Adnams Ultimate Beer & Glass Set?

A bottle each of two limited edition beers - Adnams Both Barrels Oak-aged Broadside & Triple Knot Tripel alongside a beer tasting glass.
Matured in bourbon barrels with a handful of cherries, Both Barrels, is a rich, fruity beer with toasty vanilla oak flavours with hints of whisky, rhubarb and red fruit, definitely a beer to savour slowly
Our Triple Knot Tripel is a gently sparkling beer, more like a fine wine but without the price tag. We've added some botanicals too - lavendar, orange blossom and jasmine which produce lovely aromas in this complex and very tasty beer.
You'll also receive a beautiful tasting glass, perfect for serving these beers in.

  • Contains Malted Barley and Gluten

  • Our Triple Knot Tripel is smooth, honeyed and with a rich textured, whilst Both Barrels is a taste explosion of oak, cherries and whisky flavours.

  • Sit back, pour slowly into the glass and enjoy. Cheers!

Adnams Ultimate Beer & Glass Set

The ultimate Adnams beer gift pack! Both Barrels started life as a single barrel's worth back in 2010 when we first opened our Distillery. We put some bottling-strength Broadside into a bourbon barrel along with some cherries. Then, two years ago, we took that single barrel and spread its contents amongst 12 other bourbon barrels and again topped them up with fresh Broadside and some more cherries. So, a small part of your beer will be six years old!
Triple Knot has been inspired by the strong Tripel ales brewed in Belgium. Our take on this traditional recipe adds a few botanicals and enjoys six months of beautiful maturation, allowing the beer to pick up a slight bready character often associated with sparkling wine.

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