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Cider and Gin Festival Bundle

Your essentials for festival season
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Why Cider and Gin Festival Bundle?

Spending a few days in a muddy field soon? You will need something to help you through, so why not make that something delicious in form of Wild Wave Cider or Pink G&T cans. Plus to help transport the drinks to your tent, we'll throw in a free Adnams Southwold Tote Bag too!

  • Contains Sulphites.

  • both drinks are packed full of flavour

  • perfect drinks to enjoy whilst sitting in a tent, gathered with mates

Cider and Gin Festival Bundle

Take Adnams with you this festival season with our really handy Cider and Gin festival bundle. It includes our hugely refreshing Wild Wave Cider and our amazingly vibrant Pink G&T cans, plus a free tote bag to carry them in, all for an incredible price!

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