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  • Brewed & Distilled in Southwold
  • Award-winning

Adnams Rye Whisky

A smooth, rich and spicy palate
  • ABV 47%
  • £39.99
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Why Adnams Rye Whisky?

Made from 75% rye and 25% barley, rye is a complex grain that creates a thick, syrup-like 'mash' due to its protein structure and ability to retain water. Rye creates a whisky with great depth and character with a drier and spicier finish. Our Rye Whisky has spent at least five years in brand new French oak barrels before bottling. - "There's clove, black pepper and a little nutmeg on the nose, with fudge, raisins, a little blackberry, and that chewy dryness you'd expect from a rye. We think it would make an excellent Old Fashioned."

Master of malt - "The marriage of high rye mash bill and high alchol with virgin French oak means the spice levels are off the scale. American whiskey fans are going to love it. It's good neat but those pungent flavours cry out for a little sweetness which means that it is a  great mixing whisky."

  • Lovely aromas of warm vanilla, raisin fudge and black peppercorns.

  • Serve neat with a splash of water or as an 'Old Fashioned' cocktail made with the Rye Whisky, angostura bitters and a brown sugar lump

Adnams Rye Whisky

Made using rye grown by Jonathan Adnams at his farm in Reydon, just a few miles away from our brewery and distillery in Southwold.

Tasty but overpriced

This is a genuinely tasty rye. Warm, spicy and rich, as advertised. The only problem for me is the price point, which I suspect is inflated due to the awards it has won. There are many ryes on the market as drinkable for much less.

25th October 2019
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