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Petit Verdot / Cabernet 'GrandReserve', Curico Valley 2015

  • ABV 14%
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Why Petit Verdot / Cabernet 'GrandReserve', Curico Valley 2015?

The Curicó Valley provides the perfect conditions for the slow ripening of this power-packed grape. The wine spends 12 months in oak and then more time in bottle before being labelled and released.
  • Contains sulphites

  • Intense notes of spices, black fruit, berries, minty chocolate and a touch of vanilla.

  • Roasted lamb

Petit Verdot / Cabernet 'GrandReserve', Curico Valley 2015

Curicó Valley was named after one of the Picunche tribes, the Curis, who settled along the rivers of the central valley flowing into the Mataquito River and this gives the name to this wine. Curicó also translates into black waters in Chile's native Mapundungun. The dark water appearance of the Mataquito river is due to its depth, which in parts seems bottomless. A warm, temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime and a wide range between daytime and nightime temperatures, resulting from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (50 miles) and the Andes Mountains (37 miles). The property receives coastal breezes during the afternoon that cool down summer temperatures.

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