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Cabernet Noir, Domaine de la Colombette

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  • ABV 12%
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Why Cabernet Noir, Domaine de la Colombette?

Francois Pugibet is a man used to being at the cutting edge of change. Now aided by his son Vincent who does all the winemaking and Vincent's wife Sophie who looks after sales, this is a tight family business focused on quality and value. Back in the 70s he was the first vigneron to plant Chardonnay in the Languedoc and received death threats from the locals for breaking with tradition. Undaunted he persisted and nowadays the grape is ubiquitous. He currently works on cross-pollenating vines to resist the need for chemical treatment. This is the result, a vine that is a distant cousin of Cabernet Sauvignon, naturally resistant to vine diseases and so needs no added sulphur or copper.

  • No Sulphur

  • Flavours of ripe damsons

  • Pair with a good piece of steak or a nice juicy burger

Cabernet Noir, Domaine de la Colombette

No sulphur, Substantial and fresh with the flavours of damsons

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