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Malbec, Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza

Full-bodied, forthright, fruity red
  • ABV 13%
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Why Malbec, Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza?

After spending 4 months in French oak, this juicy, fruit-driven wine emerges well balanced and with great structure and soft tannins. Reach for this full-bodied, forthright, fruity red if you're cooking up something grilled and spicy.

  • Contains Sulphites

  • Fruity with aromas of of cherry, plum and black liquorice

  • A great paring with a spicy grilled beef steak

Malbec, Bodegas Gouguenheim, Mendoza


Born in Argentina to French parents, Patricio Gouguenheim’s love for wine started at the age of 7 when he was given a little bit of wine (mixed with sparkling water!) with every meal. Patricio acquired Gouguenheim Winery in 2002, which has now become one of the best performing, top quality wineries in Argentina.

The vines are irrigated with melt water from the Andes and produce aromatic and delicate wines, due to the bright sunshine and heat during the day and cool temperature at night.

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