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A fresh new vintage and look for Adnams White Burgundy!

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams White Burgundy 2016Adnams' most popular wine, White Burgundy, is back with a fresh new vintage and new label design! Alastair Marshall, Senior Wine Buyer, explains more:  

"Burgundy 2016 - who'd be a farmer?

You may recall last year that vineyards in various French vine-growing regions were devasted by hail. The Côte d'or was hit and also parts of the Maçonnais. Late frosts added to the vigneron's worry and this was followed by rain, which brought on mildew. This had all happened by July, so growers knew that they were going to have a small crop but summer was just around the corner and so the vintage could be saved...Well, it would have if they had not experienced a rain-soaked August. At this point, as a winemaker, it might seem that the best option would be to crawl into your vat, seal the top, and not come out again until next vintage! However, September arrived and brought with it dry, sunny and warm conditions. The crop that had looked so miserable began to ripen well and by the time harvest was due, the volume of the crop was reduced but the bunches were healthy and ripe. [caption id="attachment_553" align="alignright" width="225"]Benjamin and Mallory Tallard Benjamin and Mallory[/caption] Benjamin Goncalves is the winemaker at Talmard, the home of our White Burgundy, and is married to Mallory, daughter of Paul Talmard. Benjamin's view is that 2016 is a 'classic' year, which is the standard euphemism used by winemakers to denote a perfectly fine, but not exceptional vintage. Our early tastings backed this up, although we were really pleased with the ripeness level and richness of the fruit on the palate. Usually, when White Burgundy freshly arrives in April, it feels a bit tight before it fattens out during the year - the 2016 is already showing the lush peachy flavours usually associated with a few more months in bottle. You can expect this vintage to fatten up at a quicker rate than previously. The proof will be in the tasting!"

Adnams White Burgundy has a fresh, new look

Adnams' Head of Creative, Jess Turner, worked with designers CookChick, based in Brighton, to refresh the White Burgundy label, and also design complimentary labels for two other wines from Burgundy (coming soon!). Designer Lee Cook explains how he set about creating the new label for Adnams White Burgundy: Three new label designs for Adnams Burgundy range"The White Burgundy wine market tends to be dominated by traditional and similar-looking label designs. As with all Adnams wines, we were keen to portray a fresher, more vibrant, visual approach for this wine. Bringing this contemporary twist to the label design for three wines (the White Burgundy, Red Burgundy - renamed Bourgogne Rouge - and a new Bourgogne Blanc), CookChick's inspiration was found in nature and the surrounding areas within each wine region. The White Burgundy is inspired by the glorious sunflower fields situated in and around the Talmard's estate. The centre of the sunflower has been constructed with dots creating a spirograph pattern that has tone, movement and intrigue. adnams white burg beachThere is a nod to the traditional graphic language of French Burgundies with use of a script typeface, teamed with a contemporary sans serif font. The finishing of the label with copper foil and tactile varnishes gives a special, but less expected, approach for a White Burgundy and mirrors the quality and attention to detail imbued in the making of this distinctive wine. The Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge are the partners to complete the range. Dropping the script typeface we venture into a slightly more minimal design elevating to a higher price point. The Bourgogne Blanc is sourced from a vineyard farmed by Collovray et Terrier, an area known for the fossils found in the limestone rocks here. CookChick has created a graphic fossil shell continuing the natural theme, finished in silver foil and metallic inks. [caption id="attachment_12029" align="alignright" width="200"]Lee Cook Designer Lee Cook[/caption] The Bourgogne Rouge graphic represents an aerial view of the parcels of land found in a Burgundian vineyard. The contemporary line pattern presents a striking decorative look, finished in gold foil and metallics to represent the earthy tones of a vineyard." Adnams White Burgundy 2016 is available now (£9.99 - save 10% when you buy a case of 12) online and in Adnams' stores (some stores will not receive their bottles until Thursday - please check with your local store before setting out). The Bourgogne Blanc and Rouge will be arriving later this year.    


Sarah Groves