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Adnams and O-I create UK’s lightest branded beer bottle

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Ben with new lightweight glass bottleAdnams has partnered with glassmaker O-I to develop the UK’s lightest branded 500ml glass premium ale bottle. At 280g, the innovation shaves a further 19g off Adnams' already market-leading lightweight bottle creating an additional annual carbon saving of 100 tonnes and removing 115 tonnes of glass from the waste stream. Adnams pioneered the use of lightweight branded glass in the premium packaged ale sector when we worked with O-I to launch a 299g bottle in 2007. This style of long-neck, lightweight pack has since helped regenerate the entire sector, which had grown to £490 million by the end of 2014*. It is hoped that our latest move will inspire other brewers to seek further carbon savings. O-I’s designers and manufacturing personnel at Harlow were able to shave weight off while retaining the distinctive shape and height of Adnams' bespoke bottles. This meant that there was no impact on the filling equipment or packaging. Over the next few months, we will be steadily moving production of all Adnams 500ml bottled beers into the new container. Benedict Orchard, environmental sustainability manager at Adnams, commented, “Constant environmental improvement is part of the DNA at Adnams. We wanted to see how far we could push our bottle as it is a key component of our overall carbon footprint. We had done it before and knew O-I. They are very forward thinking and share our ethos, so it was logical to work together.” Paul McLavin, marketing and business development manager for O-I in North west Europe, commented, “We are aware that other glassmakers offer standard bottles at 280g but are excited to be able to offer customers an embossed bottle, with all the branding benefits that brings, which advances sustainability. O-I is constantly working with customers and in its own Innovation Centre to push forward the boundaries of glass production; with its infinite recyclability, glass is the most sustainable packaging brands can choose.” Adnams lightweight glass bottles *Source: Marstons Premium Bottled Ale Market Report 2015 O-I have produced a short video on how they produce their glass bottles: