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Adnams Artist of the Month in Association with Suffolk ‘n’ Cool, January 2012

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

January's Suffolk'n'Cool Artist of the MonthJanuary's Artist of the Month has been selected by Kevin West, Gardener at The Swan Hotel in Southwold. In his interview with Peter Clitheroe, Kevin explained how he's been surrounded by nature from a young age and, since becoming Gardener in 2004, has been working to create a wildlife oasis in the heart of Southwold. Kevin has installed bird, beetle, bee and hedgehog boxes around the Swan garden, and has planted nectar and berry-producing species as food sources for birds and insects. His aim is to create a vibrant habitat for a wide variety of creatures as well as giving guests at the Hotel a lovely environment in which to enjoy a glass of wine. Like wildlife, music has always been a core part of Kevin's life. A guitar player, Kevin explains his deep love of music, and explores why he has chosen NOVI's 'Blackbirds' as his favourite song from Peter's Artist of the Month selection. You can read more about NOVI and listen to the whole podcast here.


Sarah Groves