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Adnams Brewery Tour Museum

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Brewery & Distillery Tour Room MuseumIt's a bit of a squeeze to fit in over 100 years' worth of history into one room, but Emma Hibbert, Adnams Corporate Affairs Manager, has selected some of the more portable artefacts from Adnams' past, along with some of the latest innovations, to display in the Adnams Museum and Brewery / Distillery Tour start point. Beer has been brewed continuously on the site of Adnams Brewery for over 650 years, but Adnams as we know and love it today began with the arrival of brothers George and Ernest Adnams in 1872. Throughout the years, Adnams has seen huge advances in brewing technology, but the brewery team have kept some of the more interesting and well-designed pieces of laboratory and brewing equipment, as well as some more quirky artefacts. Adnams Historic Beer labels - Fisherman Strong Ale, Extra StoutIt's interesting to see how our bottle labels, pump clips and advertising designs have evolved over the years, too. Emma Hibbert, Adnams Corporate Affairs Manager, has spent many hours putting the exhibits together, "We're lucky here at Adnams to have a large collection of historical items. Most were kept in a cellar of the brewery, untouched for many years, and quite a few items have been sent to our pubs and stores across the country. However, when we created the new Adnams Cellar & Kitchen in Victoria Street in 2008, we had space to add in a small museum. Customers really wanted to see more, however, so with the Brewery and Distillery tours proving so popular, it was the perfect moment to move the exhibits out of the store and create a larger museum." The museum is available to all visitors on Adnams Brewery and / or Distillery Tours, and you can view some images on Flickr.  


Sarah Groves