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Adnams brews two ales especially for Wetherspoon's Real Ale Festival

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

[caption id="attachment_12096" align="alignleft" width="260" caption="Fergus, Steve, Dan & Adam - Adnams & Avery"]Fergus, Steve, Dan & Adam - Adnams & Avery[/caption] JD Wetherspoon is hosting 'The World's Biggest Real Ale Festival' from Wednesday 24th October to Sunday 11th November 2012 and we've brewed two beers especially for the event. Adnams Fisherman (4.5% abv) was last brewed in 2005. We were asked if we could resurrect it for the festival and so we have. Fisherman is a deep red, almost verging on black, conjuring up roasted nuts and dark chocolate, with lingering flavours of liquorice and dried fruits. Brewed with Pale Ale, Cara, Chocolate and Black malts plus malted oats. It’s hopped with Boadicea. [caption id="attachment_12097" align="alignright" width="182" caption="Adnams Fisherman, last brewed 2005"]Adnams Fisherman, last brewed 2005[/caption] This year we also brewed a beer for Wetherspoon with a fantastic brewery called Avery from Colorado, USA. Adam Avery and Steve Breezley sent over a recipe that they’d been working on for a while for a beer they called 3 point 5 Session Ale. We scaled up the recipe (after converting it from pesky Fahrenheit, pounds and American barrels to Celsius, kilograms and litres) then Adam and Steve flew over to help us brew it. We had a great few days, or at least Dan and I did. We met up with Adam and Steve from Avery, showed them around the brewery, discussed the recipe and then got into the really important stuff… tasting the selection of beers they had sent over for us to try.
Avery's 3 Point 5 Session Ale brewed at Adnams
Avery make a fantastic range of beers and I think we must have tasted most of them. I like sour beers and so it was perhaps no surprise that I loved their special barrel-aged series but they really were great examples of well balanced but big, complex beers. Even Belinda, who normally doesn’t like sour beers, was impressed. After this tasting session we went for a few beers around Southwold then made our way to The Anchor in Walberswick where Mark Dorber took really good care of us, bringing out some rare beers from his inexhaustible cellar. It turned out that Mark and Steve had judged together at the Great American Beer Festival many years before. The food as you would expect was great, although there was a little hesitation when he brought out a whole roasted Sea Bass for us to share, but we managed to subdue it and finished off a fantastic day with a few more beers. The following day Adam and Steve helped us brew their 3 Point 5 Session Beer using Amarillo, Centennial and Simcoe hops. During the course of the day there may have been some lunch and perhaps another beer but I think the jet-lag was catching up with them and they were having a more relaxed day. I left Adam and Steve in Dan’s very capable hands for the evening as I was on the School run that day. Dan took them on a mystery tour of deepest Suffolk which by all accounts they enjoyed until the early hours of the following morning when both Adam and Steve were struck down by a mystery illness which enforced a day of rest upon them. I saw them again the next morning when they were feeling much better, if a little delicate still, before I dropped them off at the train station for their return trip to London and then back to America. The offer of some beer for the train wasn’t greeted as enthusiastically as it perhaps would have been a few days earlier. Anyway, I hope to catch up with them again at some stage and I hope that you get a chance to try their 3 point 5 Session Beer. You can find out more about Wetherspoon's Real Ale Festival here. Wetherspoon's Real Ale Festival


Fergus Fitzgerald