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Adnams collaborates with Camden Town Brewery

By Emma Hibbert, also posted in News on

We've teamed up with the Camden Town Brewery to create ‘South Town Red Ale’, a limited-edition cask beer.  South Town Red AleSouth Town Red Ale is a 4.9% abv beer and is brewed with a selection of Australian hops varieties including Topaz, Summer, Ella and Galaxy, giving the beer aromas of sun-kissed peaches, lychees and tropical fruits. The beer has also been brewed with malted Rye for a freshly-baked bread taste and golden naked oats, adding a nutty flavour and a wonderfully rich, smoothness. This ale is the first collaboration between the two breweries and was jointly developed by Fergus Fitzgerald, Adnams Master Brewer, and Alex Troncoso, Master Brewer at Camden Town Brewery. This new partnership marries the heritage of both brewers and their brewing styles. To celebrate this, the beer bears a hybrid name combining the hometowns of both brewers; ‘Southwold’ and ‘Camden Town’. Commenting on the beer, Head Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald said: “We are very excited to be working with Camden and together with Alex we have created a recipe that plays to the brewing heritage and use of modern ingredients and flavours that both our breweries enjoy. Collaborations are great fun, we have worked with several US craft brewers, it’s always entertaining and we get a great response from beer fans. We are looking forward to hearing what people think of look and taste of the beer when it launches in next month. Alex Troncoso, Head Brewer at Camden Town Brewery, said: "On my first visit to Adnams last August I was amazed by the blend of a modern brewery transposed onto a historical backdrop. I'm excited to be making my first ever batch of cask beer with Fergus, using ingredients we both love such as Golden Naked Oats and new world Australian hops – and that I get to work in the Adnams brewhouse for a day!" South Town is available from 15th March; in pubs and in five-litre mini casks from Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores and online.


Emma Hibbert