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Adnams Oyster Stout now available

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Oyster Stout Based on a traditional porter, Adnams Oyster is a rich, nutty, mouth-filling classic stout at 4.3% abv. It's made from East Anglian Pale Ale malt, Crystal malt, Chocolate malt, roasted barley and Boadicea hops. The malts provide sweetness and lovely roasted coffee and chocolate with a touch of liquorice too. Some breweries add oyster meat or oyster shells to their Oyster Stouts (someone discovered that ground-up oyster shells help to clarify beer) but our version is shellfish-free. The name harks back to a style of stout made in the 18th century when oysters were commonly served in taverns alongside beer - oysters were not the expensive luxuries that they are today. Our Oyster Stout, however, does pair handsomely with a plate of oysters - its richness cuts through the brininess of the slippery fellows. Adnams Oyster Stout is available in selected outlets from now until March, and in 5 litre mini-casks online and in store.    


Sarah Groves