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All about Adnams Mini Kegs

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These little 5L kegs of beer are incredibly popular, especially for parties and celebrations and are ready to pour as soon as you get them home.

How does a mini keg differ to a mini cask?

1)    Mini kegs contain ‘bright’ beer – in other words, there are no remnants of hops of yeast left in the beer that would otherwise need to settle out. So, unlike a mini cask, you can pour it straight away. 2)    It has a long shelf-life of around 9 months, so you can store it away for when you need it! (Good luck with that, it’s like knowing there’s a packet of biscuits in the cupboard…) 3)    You can lay it down in the fridge, or move it around to where the party’s happening; it doesn’t need to be kept in one place like a mini cask does.

Which beers are available in mini keg?

Adnams Ghost Ship, Blackshore Stout, Mosaic, Ease Up IPA  and Dry Hopped Lager are currently available in mini keg in store and online. You can watch our film all about how to open and pour our mini kegs here: [embed][/embed]

How to look after and use your mini keg

Your keg is best stored in a cool, dry place, ideally at a temperature between 4 and 14 degrees centigrade. 1. Vent your keg by lifting the top tab and turning it to the left. This will reduce the pressure in the keg (you may hear some gas escape). 2. Pull out the red tap from the base. 3. To pour a tasty glassful, turn the tap to the left. To close the tap, turn it to the right. Close the top vent while the keg is not in use to keep the gas inside. Once opened, your mini keg is best used within 4 days.