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Bordeaux 2009 'a dream of a vintage'

By Rob Chase, also posted in News on

'Chais', BordeauxThe 2009 vintage was greeted with huge excitement by wine growers and wine merchants. Even as the grapes were coming in to the wineries the talk of the trade was of how perfect the weather had been - lots of winter rain, a warm, dry summer and one of the latest finishes to harvest in recent times. It was reckoned, even at this early stage, that the year would be remembered for its ripe tannins, balanced acidity and wonderful colour. The only things we might have changed, had it been in our power to do so, would have been the amount of accompanying hype and inflated prices. Robert Parker recently poured a little more fuel on the fire of excesses when he claimed in February's Wine Advocate: "The problem is (in defence of awarding inflated points) that 2009 is the greatest vintage I have tasted in Bordeaux. I am willing to say it loudly, and stake my reputation on it". We've just shipped a selection of 'Junior' Clarets which caught my attention back in the spring of 2010. Adnams has long 'banged the drum' for the minor châteaux in greater vintages, and our selection, I believe, are some of the best value examples. The Bordeaux 2009 Vintage Taster Case £125We've put together a Bordeaux 2009 'taster' case (£125) so that you can try this great vintage. You save £15. Find out more here. For the complete list of 2009 'junior' Bordeaux wines, click here, and you can also listen to Rob Chase, Adnams' Fine Wine Buyer, talk about the 2009 vintage in the latest edition of The Adnams Podcast. Listen to the podcast here: [podcast][/podcast] Subscribe in iTunes


Rob Chase