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New 'Jack Brand' range launches with 'Innovation'

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Jack BrandJack Brand is a new range of beers from Adnams. Available in kegs and in bottles, the range marries the very best of a long history of brewing at Adnams with our modern thinking, innovation and technology. Made in small batches, each release will offer something different. With the flexibility we now have in our brewery, we can be creative with our recipes, so drinkers can expect some new and exciting flavours in the Jack Brand range.


'Innovation', a 6.7% abv IPA-style beer, is the first in the series of Jack Brand brews to be released. The recipe for Innovation was conceived as a celebratory beer back in 2007 and was first brewed to toast the opening of Adnams' new brewery and eco-friendly distribution centre. It became a firm favourite with everyone and has since become a permanent brew. So, why choose Innovation to launch the Jack Brand range? Adnams Master Brewer, Fergus Fitzgerald, explains: "It seems fitting that the beer brewed to mark the opening of a new brewery that allowed us to experiment a lot more with different ingredients and methods of brewing should be the first of the Jack Brand range."

A new range of kegged and bottled beers from Adnams

Jack Brand keg badge

Adnams Sales Director, Max Bond, comments: “We know Adnams beers are hugely successful in many pubs and bars throughout the country, but we also know that many venues simply don’t have the space for cask. Adnams Jack Brand beers will offer all the expertise and skill from our master brewers and will be available in 30-litre kegs and 330ml bottles. This range is also an opportunity for us to introduce exciting new flavours, with the possibility for small runs and limited editions. The design is inspired by one of the old bottles found in our cellars. In essence, Jack Brand beers give a firm nod to many years of Adnams’ brewing heritage at the same time as introducing modern styles and flavours."

Heritage design

Jack Brand InnovationBack in 2010, we cleared out the brewery cellars to make room for the imminent arrival of around 60 new-oak barrels. The historic underground cellars are the perfect environment in which to mature Adnams spirits. (That's where our North Cove Vodka and soon-to-be Whisky is quietly ageing right now). The brewery team discovered several crates of dusty old beer bottles in a long-forgotten, dark corner. You can imagine the excitement… and, yes, they couldn't resist trying a few (ask Fergus @Solebear about it!). Amongst the hoard were some beautiful 'Jack Brand' bottles. The small, dark-brown bottles were branded with cream-coloured paint, and the design was hand-crafted and simple. It was this honesty and simplicity we wanted to reflect in the new Jack Brand range. The 'Jack Brand' - or 'Southwold Jack' - is Adnams' oldest trademark, and it seems natural to use Jack on our latest range of beers. We're very fond of him! You can view a series of images of Jack in his various guises here.

Where to find Jack Brand Innovation

Jack Brand Innovation will be available from mid-April in 330ml bottles online and in all Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores, and in kegs at selected outlets. Find out more about Jack Brand Innovation, including where to try it, on our new Jack Brand website which will be available soon. You can see images of how Adnams Jack Brand has been used over the years on Flickr and read more about the history of Jack on our Southwold Bitter feature from 2011 here.


Sarah Groves