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New Wetherspoon beer: Stone Brewing Double IPA

By Fergus Fitzgerald, also posted in News on

Stone Double IPA brewed at Adnams, Southwold for Wetherspoon outletsMitch Steele from Stone Brewing in California has one of the coolest sounding names in brewing, in fact I can't think of many better. Evin O’Riordain of Kernel, Logan Plant of Beavertown in London and Brock Wagner of Saint Arnold in Texas are pretty good but I don’t think they quite get to the level of a Mitch Steele. Mitch has one of the coolest jobs in Brewing as the brewmaster at Stone Brewing, he’s a great brewer and a genuinely nice guy. So, when Wetherspoon asked if we’d be interested in brewing with Mitch again we weren’t sure. Obviously I’m joking. Having already had the pleasure of his company earlier in the year for Wetherspoon's Autumn festival, naturally we said yes. This time Mitch wanted to brew a Double IPA, I believe it’s based on the first beer they brewed for Wetherspoon 5 years ago. We used some Centennial and Citra hops and as our new season's Mosaic had just come in we thought that would make a nice addition. We brewed three batches of the beer back to back and having now been aware first-hand of Mitch’s reputation for blocking wort coolers we paid special attention to the kettle. The brew went swimmingly, which is more than can be said for Mitch’s luggage, which eventually arrived, but not before the Steele family had to re-attire courtesy of Southwold high street. They managed to avoid looking like a family on an ill-thought-out sailing trip and I think they enjoyed their stay before heading to London to enjoy the bright lights of Oxford Street at Christmas. It was great to brew with Mitch again and the resulting beer is fantastic. For a cask beer it’s a fairly heady 8.5% abv but the hops carry the show and if you get a chance give it a try at your local Wetherspoon outlet. Mitch has written a post about the his brew here. p.s. As it was Christmas, Mitch brought over lots of goodies, which were much appreciated. The guys especially enjoyed the T-shirts.  


Fergus Fitzgerald