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Seasonal cellar tasting notes - June 2012

By sarahhowe, also posted in News on

Want to broaden your horizons and learn more about wine but don't know where to start? Why not join our little wine club - The Adnams Seasonal Cellar! Each quarter our Senior Wine Buyer, Alastair Marshall, hand-picks 12 great bottles of wine, often hidden gems, which are then delivered free to your home. Sign up now and receive £30 off your first case which will arrive in September. As an added bonus you’ll receive 10% off any other online purchases whilst you are a member. Choose the case price that matches your budget and the mix that suits your taste (you can change this at any time once you are a member). Here is the introduction for June 2012′s Seasonal Cellar Club cases, courtesy of Senior Wine Buyer Alastair Marshall. Underneath you can download his tasting notes for the red and white wines included in the three different price brackets available. "I thought I might share with you a curious conversation I had with my local doctor. We both live in the same village and the light, sandy coastal soils make the vicinity one of the finest areas for the production of asparagus. Like spotting the first swift of the year, spotting the first Lithuanian field worker, aimlessly wandering a one-shop village, announces the arrival of this delicacy on our tables. I love asparagus but vinously it poses a problem, as its distinctive flavours are not wine friendly. The best solution is Sauvignon which has some aromatic similarities, but keep it simple and preferably new world. Have fun experimenting but do avoid matching something grand and complex with this spring delight as neither will profit from the match.  My doctor, on the other hand, did not see the asparagus season as a gustatory challenge but as the season for gout! Apparently visits to his surgery from afflicted plaintiffs, rise dramatically during the season. I took strange comfort from this, being able to point to this previously passive veg as the culprit, whereas wine usually gets the blame!     The weather, at least for today, has decided to be clement and this colours the selection of this quarters offerings. Fresh, clean, lively flavours are the order of the day. You will also find some examples of what is controversially called ‘natural’ wine. What people mean by this is a hotly disputed area but I find it useful to think of it as wines that are not only organic but also free of any added sulphur in the winemaking process. Sulphur, used modestly, is a preservative and anti-oxidant and wines made without it are (or have been) notoriously unstable, turning vinegary all too easily. Talented winemaking skills avoid these pitfalls, but not everybody is a talented winemaker ! So ‘Caveat Emptor’ when it comes to ‘Natural’ wines." £89 Tasting Notes June 2012 (PDF 93kb) £135 Tasting Notes June 2012 (PDF 108 kb) £180 Tasting Notes June 2012 (PDF 107KB)