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The New Old

By Sarah Groves, also posted in News on

Adnams Old Ale pump clipAdnams Old has a bright new look. Whilst the recipe has remained consistent since it was first brewed in 1890, our Old Ale has had several pump-clip designs in its long history. The new design has been crafted by Adnams' Designer Jess Fenton: Adnams Designer Jess Fenton"Our previous Old Ale pump-clip needed brightening up and I wanted to bring back one of the strong and most well-known images from its history - the friendly fisherman. This heritage image has been refreshed and revitalised with coastal blues and a warm, bright yellow." Fergus and the team has brewed this year's batch, which is now available in cask in selected outlets, and in mini casks online and at Adnams Cellar & Kitchen Stores. Master Brewer Fergus Fitzgerald explains: "For those that don’t know, Old Ale is a 4.1% abv mild ale. The recipe is over 120-years-old so it’s our second oldest beer after Tally-Ho. It’s a beer that is eagerly awaited by many of our brewers and one which is missed when it’s gone. One of our maltsters, yes you Peter, delights in telling visiting brewers about the practice he encountered on his first visit to Southwold, of half a pint of Old being mixed with half a pint of Bitter and the resulting alchemists' potion being named a “mother-in-law”. I, of course, cannot see why such a drink would be called a ‘mother-in-law’ but if you do work it out keep it to yourself. I don’t often drink Old Ale with anything else in it, though apparently the addition of a hot poker is also a favourable experience (please ask permission first and try and use a clean poker). I prefer to enjoy the dark fruit and roasted caramel flavours as they are. So although the chillier weather isn’t often welcomed it does herald the start of Old Ale season." [caption id="attachment_13552" align="alignleft" width="229"]Previous Old Ale pump-clips Previous Old Ale pump-clips[/caption] Brewed with East Anglian Pale Ale and Crystal malted barley and Boadicea hops, Old is dark red/brown in colour with aromas of caramel and nutty chocolate. The toffee and chocolate also come through on the palate along with hints of red fruits, all balanced by a smooth bitterness. It's great paired with beef stew and dumplings or a caramelised apple tart.      


Sarah Groves